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Doing Different… Better: Stand out From the Crowd

LED signs don’t just showcase an organization’s USPs (Unique Selling Points) – they help the organization be a vibrant part of the community.

The Bear Den

This full screen approach provides a full canvas for live video clips, sponsor ads, and other dynamic content while still displaying the main score and game details.

Football in the Foothills

This school wanted to bring their scoreboard tot he next level with live video and dynamic content.

Three Brands, One Big Sign

This highway installation with an integrated LED display promotes multiple brands sold by the dealership to bring a wide variety of potential customers into the store.

Effective Advertising

From painted, to print, to digital. This sign company is using digital advertising to generate revenue and support local businesses.

Radio Waves to Light Waves

Expanding from radio into outdoor digital advertising helped this group to not only promote their own stations, but give their customers more advertising options.

A Bold Make-over

After initially looking at a competitor’s product, the developers chose to move forward with Vantage LED for product quality and peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty and onsite parts replacement service.

Celebrating in Style

Taking sponsor and fan appreciation to the next level, this school decided to go with a Live Video option to showcase their players, fans, and sponsors.


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Low Fat Digital Signage: Get More Info, Less Marketing

Many LED display companies choose to market vs educate and the buyer loses out. Buyers deserve to be educated and informed, not just sold to.

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