A Bold Make-over

A Bold Make-over and a Bold LED Display

The owners of the Manchester Center in Fresno, CA are working to transform the property with a host of updated shopping areas, food, and entertainment. The central location makes it an ideal site for local and national retailers. As part of the project, they installed a new pylon sign with a beautiful Vantage LED display.

Initially looking at a competitor’s product, they were introduced to Vantage LED by a trusted dealer and chose to move forward with our 20mm Flex Series display, including the full 7 year warranty and onsite parts replacement service. The display sits at the top of high pylon sign installation, near the 41 Freeway with great visibility to over 250,000 cars per day. It serves as a place to promote the center, the tenants, as well as traditional off-premise billboard advertising.

For high-impact installations like this, a good product and a good warranty are essential to bring peace of mind and ensure quick service solutions to minimize downtime, and maximize profits.



Business Name: Manchester Center
City: Fresno
State: CA
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 216×732
Dimensions: 14’ -2” x 48’

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