Avondale Fire Co, Avondale, PA: 16mm . 32 x 96 . 2′-0″ x 5′-4″
with content created by SM Infinity which is included for one year.

The Most Spectacular Government LED Displays to Own and Operate.

An Outdoor LED Sign plays a significant factor in communicating events and information
to the community, staff, or the general public.
Our displays can be programmed days, months and years in advance from multiple users
in different departments. They can also display real-time emergency & weather alerts through IPAWS,
along with time, and temperature updates through SM Infinity™.

Connect & Engage with Your Community

Build awareness and a strong connection to your community with dynamic messages.


Events & Services




Public Service


Honor & Recognition


Directions & Information


Community Safety

How We Do Different…Better.

How we deliver a better value specifically to your organization:


Spectacular Displays

  • Ready To Install
    Our displays ship in fully assembled cabinets with instructions and no modules to put together. A capable maintenance crew could install it.

  • Low Power
    70% lower than the competition. Chances are you can add it to the same circuit as your existing sign.

  • Communication Options
    We offer a host of solutions including Cellular Modem, Wireless Radios, Fiber Optic, Hardline Ethernet, or just connect your own system!


Easiest Software

  • Local & District Wide Messaging
    With Permission-Based Users, the staff at the school can run local messages while the district staff could send a message to all displays.

  • Scheduling
    Get your message out when you need it. Schedule Monthly, Daily, Hourly or mix it up with condition messages that only play for rain, or temperature changes.

  • Amber & Emergency Alerts
    Once enabled, your display(s) will update automatically with an Amber Alert or a Severe Weather Alert helping the community.

  • User Control & Permissions
    Collaborate with your team and manage users on your account with ease through SM Infinity.


The Best Experience & Warranty

  • Warranty Made for You
    Our Warranties can be customized to include parts and on-site service for up to 7 years minimizing long term service costs.

  • Lightning & Vandalism Protection
    Added peace of mind. We reimburse you the deductible.

  • Support & Training
    We support our products with in-house technicians for the lifetime of the display, just a phone call away. Training resources and videos are available online 24/7.



Grand Isle

Located in Grand Isle, LA
75 x 210 . 4’-0” x 11’-1”

Tarrant County

Located in Hurst, TX
48 x 128 . 2’-9” x 6’-11”


Located in Atlantic City Airport, NJ
192 x 288 . 6’-3” x 9’-5”

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