Solutions: Government / Public Entities

Avondale Fire Company, Avondale, PA
Full Color Series - 16mm - 32 x 96 / 2'-0" x 5'-4" / 3K Pixels

Reliable communication is key for any government office, military installation, municipality, or public entity. We provide LED displays that will ensure the long term secure operation at an affordable price. Our hardware and software continues to meet or exceed bid specifications across the nation. Choose the power of our local software or our cloud-based software: SM Infinity™.

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Our product is engineered and designed to last with high quality components and standardized manufacturing processes. Our REVOLUTION™ Control system utilizes solid state technology to increase data storage, speed, and longevity, and features plug-n-play installation, cloud storage & backup, and stronger security compared to Windows-based controllers.


The 55,000 square foot facility in Corona, California is home to our talented team of engineers, designers, production crew, administration, customer service, and sales staff. We take pride in our product and maintain direct control from our headquarters in Corona, California. We're an ISO9001 Quality Management Manufacturer.


Choose the best control option for any installation. We offer cloud-based anywhere/anytime access control through SM Infinity, or local software control through our LightSpeed™ software.


Signs that use our cloud-based control option link directly to FEMA’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System) for weather warnings, amber/silver alerts, and local/regional/state/federal safety and public alerts. This feature automatically displays the alerts on your display and does not require any manual data entry which can cause delays or incorrect information.


Our entire system is designed for durability and long life. Our cabinets are built to withstand all types of weather and avoid fading, scratching or cracking. Our LED modules are vandal resistant with high impact louvers over each pixel. The internal electronics are built to perform in a wide range of conditions and our power supplies are conformally coated to extend life and minimize corrosion &  maintenance. The system is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive parts warranty.


Whether you need to use fiber optic, Ethernet, wireless, or cellular data - our system can flex to suit your location’s needs. Connect with the LED sign over a secured network with user-defined and controlled access allowing various groups, teams, and individuals to collaborate on content and authorization/control granted through a primary sign manager/authority.

Arguably the most recognized military installation in the United States, Fort Knox recently outfitted their base with multiple billboards to help keep in touch with residents and visitors.


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