FLEX LED Sign Series

  Mayfield Village, Mayfield, OH
FLEX-V Full Color Series, 6mm – 200 x 400 / 4-0” x 7’-11” / 80K Pixels
“The client bought a brand new LED display that helped revitalize their community. They can reach out with their unique services as well as display public announcements and helpful weather-amber alerts for safety.”
- Bruce Murray, Sales Team

The Building Blocks of Your Outdoor Solution.

Engineered to serve. Whether you are starting from scratch with a new LED display or working with your existing display(s) for continuity, we’re tooled up to serve you.

Our streamlined build is the same, but we offer different building blocks.

FLEX Series Brochure

Let’s Build Your Display.
Offering you our premium & most flexible FLEX-V LED Sign series:

FLEX-V LED Sign Series

Our smallest module (or building block) to build your most versatile display within .62 sq feet.
Resolutions available: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24mm.
Available in Full Color or Grayscale (red or amber)..

With 7 year parts, on-site service and protection program & 1 yr Custom Content Creation
Upgrade to 7 yr content creation, ask us how.

.62 sq ft
Building Block

Or, match existing displays for continuity with our FLEX-W and FLEX-D LED Sign Series:

FLEX-W LED Sign Series

Build your display within 1 sq feet.
Resolutions available: 10.16, 12.7, 16.93, 19.05, and 25.4mm.

With 7 year parts, on-site service and protection program & 1 yr Custom Content Creation
Upgrade to 7 yr content creation, ask us how.

1 sq ft
Building Block

FLEX-D LED Sign Series

Build your display within 1.35 sq feet.
Resolutions available: 15.85, 19.81, and 26.41mm.

With 7 year parts, on-site service and protection program & 1 yr Custom Content Creation
Upgrade to 7 yr content creation, ask us how.

1.35 sq ft
Building Block

Communication Solutions:

Cellular Communication:
A cell modem in the display that receives a cellular signal.

Wireless Ethernet Radios:
Up to 1000’ with line of sight. Radio at the building & radio at the display.


Wired Ethernet:
5’ - 300’: Ethernet Cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6) for hardwired connections. Recommend separate conduit from power.


Fiber Optic:
300’ - 1,000’+: Fiber Optic Cable requires fiber optic converters and can be run in same conduit with power.

Some of the projects we love...

Pawn Plaza

A 2-story, open-air retail project, located in downtown Las Vegas, next door to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (as seen on Pawn Stars). Watch...

Brazil FanFest 2014

Vantage LED was chosen to provide billboard-sized LED screens for the 2014 Fan Fest events throughout Brazil... Read more...

Cannery Casino & Hotel

The Cannery Casino Hotel in North Las Vegas recently replaced their original LED sign with a new higher resolution display... Read more...

Silver Lining Advertising

Silver Lining Advertising is now bringing the best of digital advertising to the streets with a stunning new mobile LED digital billboard... Read more...

Ocean Resort Casino

Partnering with Eastern Sign Tech, we rejuvenated this iconic structure. We engineered, manufactured, & mapped the individual LED “Pucks” for the 40’ diameter Sphere. Powered by an improved control system & SM Infinity™, this landmark now stands tall & bright. Read more...

Maverick Helicopters

In partnership with Federal Heath, Vantage LED provided a Phoenix Series 12.5mm pitch display (208 x 384 matrix) to be incorporated within the beautiful new identification sign... Read More...


Grease Monkey

Located in Columbus, GA
60 x 120 . 4'-9" x 9'-6"

Lee’s Chicken

Located in New Philadelphia, OH
36 x 108 . 2'-5" x 7'-1"

Ramada Inn

Located in Columbus, NE
60 x 132 . 4'-0" x 8'-8"

Dairy King

Located in Trenton, IL
60 x 150 . 3'-2" x 7'-11"

Software Packages:

SM Infinity™ Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software allows the user to completely control their LED sign from any Internet-connect device (PC, Mac, iPad, or Mobile). Anytime. Anywhere.
- Professional Custom Content available online to make your marketing pop, increase traffic, sales and return on investment.
- Create Content with Doodle™ Message Editor
- Create/Edit Schedules
- Manage Multiple Users
- Amber Alerts help alert community automatically.
- Conditional Smart Messaging triggers a specific message based on conditions, like weather.
- Reporting

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LightSpeed™ Local Media Software

Our local operating software loads directly on the PC to operate the LED display. A good solution if Internet is not available for SM Infinity.
- Create Content
- Overlay text easily over graphic or video
- Create/Edit Schedules
- Use all Windows Fonts
- International Languages
- Hot Button for Quick Messages

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LightSpeedLIVE Event Software

Bring any sporting or event venue to life by commanding live video, advertisements, and quick action content to your video display with a simple and open interface.
- Zones to display varying content
- Integrated Scaler Controls
- Easy Playlists for Advertising
- Hot Buttons for Quick Action Plays
keeps current schedule intact.
- Live Outside Feeds (Blu-Ray, Cameras)

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