Brilliant Performing

The Most Spectacular Displays – Ready to Install.

Flexible sizes, fully built and ready to go including pre-loaded content, software, and communications.

Flexible and Upgradable

Get a good sign now; and easily upgrade later.

Our FLEX LED modules are the same physical size regardless of pitch (resolution).
This means when you’re ready to upgrade you can simply re-face the display with higher resolution modules without having to replace the entire display. We also factor in power for most resolutions, allowing the same electrical service to be used most cases.

FLEX Modules let us build your desired display within .62 sq feet.

  • Available in 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20mm resolutions.

  • Full Color available in all resolutions.

  • Grayscale (red or amber) available in 16 and 20mm resolutions.

Steadfast Reliability & Design

Quality hardware backed by quality people. 

Our displays are power efficient, robust, and versatile with built-in diagnostics, ruggedized components, and exceptional performance
backed by our amazing in-house production and support teams.


The Horizon Controller

Ruggedized with a wide operating temperature.
Fast and stable SSD storage.
Built in diagnostics.
Easy Integration for Custom Projects.


Bright Display & No Overdriving

High tier LED’s for a brighter picture.
Efficient power delivery, no over-driving.
Longer life without premature failure.


Heat Dissipating Modules

Open back design with conformal coating.
No deep silicone bed that insulates heat.
Better heat dissipation and airflow.
Significantly extends module life.


Durable & All-Weather Ready

Reinforced aluminum cabinets with a steel backbone.
Multi-vent forced air-flow for maximum cooling.
Smart fans reduce condensation in cold weather.
Sealed LED module system with secure mounting.


Smart Power System

70% less power than leading manufacturers.
Conformal coated power supplies to protect against corrosion and humidity.
Automatic protection circuit for electrical and heat.


Live Diagnostics and Support

Remote support and diagnostics for all displays.
Experienced in-house support team.
Isolate issues quickly and maximize uptime.

Communication Options

A host of great solutions for your needs.



No Local Network Required.
Cell Modem Installed in the Display
Direct, Secure Connection
to the Internet
Lifetime Data Plan Available
Avoids Any Local Network Configuration Issues
Used for Displays Online
with SM Infinity



Radio Bridge to Your Network.
Radio Pair, up to 1000’
with line of sight.
Wireless from Sign to Building
Pre-configured & Secured
at the Factory



Direct Cable to Your Network.
Standard Ethernet Cable, Up to 300’
Simple and Reliable
Great When Using Your Own Communications



Long Distance to Your Network.
Single Mode Fiber Supported
(12 miles)
Multi Mode Fiber Supported
(1600 feet)
Great for Existing Fiber Networks
or Long Runs

Easy Operation

Manage your display 24/7 online or locally; we have options for both.


SM Infinity Cloudware

Internet Required.
Complete Control Online 24/7
Any Device Access
1 yr Custom Content Included
Great for Most Displays and Markets


Lightspeed Software

*No Internet Required.
Simple Connection via PC
Powerful and Easy to Use
Used for Scoreboards and Live Events
Popular for Rural or Internet Restricted Sites

Warranty Options

We cover EVERYTHING we sell, including communication devices.


Ultimate Protection

Get it All in the Box!
7yrs ALL Parts Warranty
7 yrs OnSite Replacement Service
Lightning/Vandalism protection


Custom Protection

Manage Your Budget
Work Directly With Your Dealer
or add
7 yrs OnSite Replacement Service
Lightning/Vandalism protection

Get a Head Start on Your Project.

Together, with our valued Sign Partners, we will deliver the best customer experience in the industry. We know by putting people and partners first, everything else falls into place. We want the strength of our commitment to be delivered through the strength of our partners.

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