Patients Come First

Advertising to a Loyal Community.

Prosser Memorial Hospital values a satisfied and happy patient. And, by serving every patient individually comes a long standing and loyal community. They wanted to step it up by adding a LED message display. so they could keep in touch with important information as well as special announcements and advertising.

By adding this very effective LED display to their existing sign, they can easily and quickly get messages out to their community, like patient wait times, milestones, special alerts, and other advertising to inform everyone.

“At PMH Medical Center, patients come first; we are continually polling our patients to ensure customer satisfaction. We feel this new LED message sign is a very effective addition to the hospital to help us advertise many messages in a short time to our loyal community. We always have something happening that will benefit everyone.”
– Fred Lamb with PMH

Business Name: Prosser Memorial Hospital

City: Kennewick
State: WA
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 80 x 144
Dimensions: 5-6″ x 9′-9″

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