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“My grandmother believes in me so much. She donated money
to specifically help our school get instant replay on our new scoreboard.
During our final game of the year, she got to see me kick a field goal
which played on our scoreboard over & over again. I’ll never forget that moment.”
- Student from Lee County High School, Leesburg, GA

From the perfectly manicured turf of the High School Football Stadium to the glistening hardwoods of the Basketball Gymnasium floor, families, coaches, players, and students share the drama, excitement, and the achievement athletic events deliver.

Whether in the rural outskirts of Montgomery, AL, the suburbs of Dallas, TX, or in downtown Atlanta, GA, reveal the pride, the passion, and the support of national sponsors and community advertisers with a dynamic & interactive video scoreboard.

But we know it’s more than just a scoreboard.
This Is Family. This Is Home.

Traditional Video Scoreboards

Rock your stadium and boost your community.
Get static scoring, stats, and time clocks along with a completely interactive video board for instant action messages, like "Touchdown!" and "Go Team!", as well as featuring your key players, amazing catches, the live action, and the unforgettable instant replays...

Virtual Video Scoreboards

Up your game with complete flexibility & interaction.
You have a clean slate to create any type of scoreboard you desire to include the score, time, stats, advertisers & sponsors as well as interactive live video. Map out custom templates for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and more...

Rally Your Fans & Generate Revenue:

- Intuitive, powerful, and student-friendly software developed by our in-house software team.
- Quick action Hot Buttons with preview for instant action messages (Touchdown!, It’s Good!).
- Never miss an ad. Advertiser schedule resumes play after Action Messages. It does not reset.
- Scalable system that can adapt to your unique needs and allow for customized solutions.
- Easily integrate other sports: Track & Field, Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse.
- Show instant replays of amazing catches, tackles, field goals, and more.
- Put your players in lights with pictures, profiles, and stats.
- Generate revenue by displaying local advertisers and sponsor support.
- Get peace of mind with a 7 year parts, on-site service and protection program.
- Refresh your content every year from our Custom Interactive Content service.

We design everything from the ground up.
What solution does your family need?

“After over 50 years, we’ve developed a reputation of having the highest quality
products and superior customer service, so we’re very selective with which company
we choose to align ourselves. Vantage LED has proven to be a perfect fit, not only with
their standard of quality in product and service, but also in their core values.”
- Jim Ledford, Electro-Mech Scoreboard Co.

St Leo University, St Leo, FL
FLEX-V Full Color Series Virtual Scoreboard
12mm - 200 x 360 / 7'-11" x 14'-2" / 72K Pixels

Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY
FLEX-V Full Color Series
20mm - 132 x 240 / 8'-8" x 15'-9" / 32K Pixels

McConnell-Talbert Stadium, Warner Robins, GA
FLEX-V Full Color Series Scoreboard
20mm - 180 x 396 / 12'-0" x 26'-0" / 71K Pixels

Lawrenceburg HS, Lawrenceburg, IN
Traditional Full Color Series (4-sided)
20mm - 48 x 144 / 3'-4" x 9'-8" / 7K Pixels

Garrett-Harrison Stadium, Phenix City, AL
Traditional Full Color Series
16mm - 240 x 352 / 12'-11" x 18'-9" / 84K Pixels

Piqua High School, Piqua, OH
Traditional Full Color Series
16mm – 192 x 576 / 10’-4” x 30’-6” / 111K Pixels

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  • Traditional Scoreboards & Virtual Scoreboards
  • Go Local or Go LIVE with intuitive software and integrated media & cameras.
  • Let our professional designers create custom interactive content for you.
  • Peace of mind with our 7 year parts, on-site service and protection program.
  • Cloud-based software that works for your entire staff anytime, anywhere, any device.

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