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Lifetime Family Dental, Raleigh, NC
Traditional Full Color Series - 16mm - 64 x 144 / 3’-5” x 7’-7” / 9K Pixels

Medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and professionals provide essential services to the community. From large hospitals, to small private practices, outdoor LED message signage helps to support these organizations to promote health awareness and life-saving services for the community, plus the power of our cloud-based software: SM Infinity™.

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Keeping up with important health and preventative measures is not always top of mind for the public. We have a proven track record of reliability and functionality for healthcare organizations across the country using our cloud-based SM Infinity™ software. Better outreach to the community means more patients who can take advantage of services they may have not otherwise known.


Getting important information out to the public quickly and clearly is critical. All of our software options support immediate messaging at anytime, and our cloud-based software supports communications from anywhere in the world via the Internet 24/7. Additionally, it supports a fully automatic emergency alert system tied directly to FEMA’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System) service for amber/silver alerts, severe weather, and local/regional/state/federal safety alerts. This feature automatically displays the alerts and does not require any manual data entry which can cause delays or incorrect information.


Whether you need to use fiber optic, Ethernet, wireless, or cellular data - our system can flex to suit your location’s needs. Connect with the sign over a secured network with permission-based and controlled access allowing individuals to collaborate on content.


We understand your business needs change rapidly, and the FLEX Series can go with the flow for whatever you need. Fast lead times, rugged engineering, upgradeable future proofed technology which allows you to change the display to a tighter pitch, full color, or larger size if your business needs require something different down the road. We’re here for whatever your needs are now or years down the line.

Modern Maturity's success and popularity can be attributed to the many caring people working harmoniously together, and they want to share this vision and care within their community every day on their new LED sign showing that the center is a thriving, multi-faceted organization with an eye always toward the future.


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