Taco Villa, Amarillo, TX: 16mm . 64 x 128 . 3′-8″ x 7′-0″
with content created by SM Infinity which is included for one year.

The Most Spectacular Restaurant Displays to Own and Operate.

An Outdoor LED Sign plays a significant factor in communicating to your existing and
potential patrons to promote your food, drinks, services and specials.
Our displays can be easily programmed 24/7 to target your audience at specific times or demographics
to bring them in off the street, and into your restaurant. Your messages are enhanced by
SM Infinity’s professional content service, included for 1 year on all displays.

Connect & Engage with Your Customers

Build a strong connection with your customers to turn heads and fill the tables.


Brand Awareness


Promotions & Specials


Food Presentation


Dining Experience


Special Events


Menu Updates

How We Do Different…Better.

How we deliver a better value specifically to your organization:


Spectacular Displays

  • Enhanced Resolution
    Your content looks better with smoother lines by sharing pixel data across the image.

  • Low Power
    70% lower than the competition. Chances are you can add it to the same circuit as your existing sign.

  • Upgradability
    Buy now, easily upgrade later with a simple face swap with our FLEX series modules. No expensive removal or  installation of a whole new display.

  • Brand Awareness
    Let everyone know who you are loud and clear! Promote your service, products, inspiration or events to thousands of people per day.


Easiest Software

  • Product Sales and Branding
    Strategically promote your brand and the products you want to sell, at the times you want to sell them, then watch the revenue come in.

  • Custom Content Creation Included
    For one year, we turn your ideas into amazing messages, and you can keep & re-use them forever.

  • Multi-Site Management
    Manage multiple locations easily from one account, with group scheduling, linked schedules and user permissions.

  • Scheduling
    Get your message out when you need it. Schedule Monthly, Daily, Hourly or mix it up with condition messages that only play for rain, or temperature changes.


The Best Experience & Warranty

  • Warranty Made for You
    Our Warranties can be customized to include parts and on-site service for up to 7 years minimizing long term service costs.

  • Support & Training
    We support our products with in-house technicians for the lifetime of the display, just a phone call away. Training resources and videos are available online 24/7.

  • Financing
    We partner with industry finance leaders to provide options for as little as $0 down and only $29/mo for the first 6 months.



Giant Eagle

Located in West Newton, PA
60 x 135 . 3'-2" x 7'-2"

Lee’s Chicken

Located in New Philadelphia, OH
36 x 108 . 2'-5" x 7'-1"


Located in Clearwater, FL
32 x 64 . 1’-11” x 3’-7"

Dairy King

Located in Trenton, IL
60 x 150 . 3'-2" x 7'-11"

Most of the content you see throughout our website is created by SM Infinity & is included for 1 year.

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