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Palmetto Boat Center, Piedmont, SC
FLEX-V Full Color Series - 16mm - 150 x 450 / 7’-10” x 23’-7” / 67K Pixels

Outdoor LED displays are a proven way to increase sales and exposure for businesses. A large percentage of customers live or work near the businesses where they will spend money. Getting their attention with dynamic messages will be memorable and spur impulse sales. We provide a host of features that allow display owners to maximize their profits with their signage through SM Infinity™.

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Our SM Infinity™ cloud-based software integrates a professional content creation service, staffed by talented designers in the USA. Professional content makes the LED signs look amazing which attracts clients and increase business. We make sure clients look their best and leave them time to focus on their business and not the sign.


You have complete control over the content and your company’s image to the public, whether it’s one location or one hundred. Cloud-based controls allow you to change your sign content when inspiration strikes, and to ensure your brand image is properly presented regardless of where you are.


Advanced scheduling features also allow day-parting and automatic rotation of groups of media files for targeted campaigns. Different times call for different measures and messages, make sure your sign speaks to the morning, afternoon, and evening audience with targeted content.


We support a scheduling platform that allows focused advertising efforts with conditional messages that only play when select conditions are met. Cold in the morning? Make sure people know about your hot coffee or heater services. Hot in the afternoon? Showcase A/C units or cold drinks. Pre-schedule the conditions and content so your display does the extra work of matching content to the environment. Proactive, not reactive marketing!


Our displays are fully supported by US-based factory technicians, along with a network of service professionals and staff across the country. We offer backend customer service to our dealer partners, or to the end users directly. Professional training and a culture of going the extra mile sets us apart from other display providers.


We understand your business needs change rapidly, and the FLEX Series can go with the flow for whatever you need. Fast lead times, rugged engineering, upgradeable future proof technology which allows you to change the display to a tighter pitch or larger size if you business needs require something different down the road. We’re here for whatever your needs are now or years down the line.

"My business is up 23% already, from this same time last year! I'm really excited!"
Joe Daniel, Little Caesars Pizza



Located in New Haven, CT
152 x 424 . 12'-6" x 34'-10"

Yard House

Located in Las Vegas, NV
792 x 144 . 26' x 5'

Dairy King

Located in Trenton, IL
60 x 150 . 3'-2" x 7'-11"

Crunch Fitness

Located in Richmond, VA
96 x 176 . 5’-3” x 9’-5”

Lee’s Chicken

Located in New Philadelphia, OH
36 x 108 . 2'-5" x 7'-1"

Kwik Kar

Located in Mesquite, TX
60 x 120 . 4'-0" x 7'-11"

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