Amazingly Easy Cloudware – Just Log In & Go!

You can completely control the LED display anytime from anywhere securely from any internet connection device:
PC, Mac, Tablet, or even your Smart Phone.
Also available on the iPad App Store:

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, & Any User

Complete Display Management and Professional Content Creation

  • Control your display at home or at the office, or Add/Delete Users to help you.

  • All your Content & Message Schedules are organized & secure online.

  • Request, Design or Upload Content, Create A Schedule, Add/Delete Messages, etc.

Let Us Create Your Content

1 yr of SM Infinity’s Content Creation Service Included.

  • Professional content means a better brand image

  • Brings in more traffic for more sales

  • Creates a faster return on investment from your LED display

…or Create Your Own

The power of our Doodle Online Message Editor

  • More convenience to create a message anywhere, anytime.

  • LED friendly fonts created for you to help maximize readability.

  • Upload pictures, add text outlines, & add movement with ease.

Emergency Alerts & Smart Messaging


We were first to work directly with FEMA:

  • To deliver automated emergency & weather alerts

  • To display amber alerts

  • Be the beacon of safety in your community!


Your display can show messages automatically:

  • Based on Cold or Hot Temperatures

  • Or if there is a chance of rain or snow

  • Spur impulse sales!


Spectaculars and Advertising

Features that help target and track your audience


Increase viewership and turn heads:

  • Professional content service to match your amazing display

  • Schedule hours, days or years into the future

  • Target viewers during rush hour, holidays, or local events to promote
    your brand


Organize and promote your clients and brands:

  • Run current, future and proof of performance reports

  • Group content for slot scheduling, or customize to support your sales and advertising goals

  • Skip, loop or repeat playlists to manage playtime effectively

Get a Head Start on Your Project.

Together, with our valued Sign Partners, we will deliver the best customer experience in the industry. We know by putting people and partners first, everything else falls into place. We want the strength of our commitment to be delivered through the strength of our partners.

Download this brochure, and then CONTACT US, and we’ll find you a Valued Dealer Partner in your area to work with today.

Looking for more? Explore Your Market 

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