Messages of Hope and Love

To Give Messages of Hope and Love.

Dairy King’s motto is “WHERE FRIENDS MEET FRIENDS!”, and they decided to install full color LED signs at two of their locations: Breese, IL and Trenton, IL, with the goal of promoting people in their community than their daily specials.

They wanted to give back by making the displays available to her local community for posting local items of interest, events, people, congratulations as well as posting her daily specials in dynamic full color. They main vision was to give messages of hope and love to the people in the community.

“I love these displays! I am so excited to be able to use my new LED sign now for all the people and to put messages up for them!” – Michele Maue, Owner of Dairy King

We’re sure the community is excited as well to be an integral part of this next chapter in the long, friendly tradition of Dairy King.

Business Name: Dairy King

City: Trenton
State: IL
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 60 x 150
Dimensions: 3′-2″ x 7′-11″

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