Awareness & Control

A Simple Interface for All Messages

The US ARMY’s Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA needed to increase communication and awareness to their Service Members. They were seeking to install LED displays to display events and special appearances as well as public service announcements along with a simple interface to control and schedule multiple messages.

What better way to achieve this than with a simple to use an LED message display in front of government buildings and bases. They will remind residents of important dates, deadlines and events, display community events, activities, and resources.

They’re using SM Infinity™ cloudware that communicates directly to the signs through the Internet giving access to multiple permission-based users. It accepts a wide variety of formats; both static images as well as video files. Also, the scheduling options give them full control over the length of time each ad is shown and how often it appears in the loop. They can even set a start and end date so the message goes away right after the event.

Ft. Gordon and their team of professionals have a very progressive program developed using the LED displays to deliver information on services and conditions to all Military personnel at Ft. Gordon.

Business Name: Fort Gordon

City: Augusta
State: GA
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 112 x 272
Dimensions: 7′-8″ x 18′-2″

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