High-Res for High Performance

High-Res for High Performance

Do you have a large lot that hits a major intersection, but your entrance is further down the road? Maxie Price Chevrolet in Loganville, GA has the answer: Install a high resolution LED display at the intersection with thousands of motorists sitting at the lights, looking for something to read.

LED signs come in many configurations, pitches and resolutions. Maxie Price Chevrolet has a unique portion of their property situated right next to the intersection of Atlanta HWY 78 and Hwy 81. Because the viewers are so close, they don’t require a tall sign, and were able to go with a much tighter pixel pitch (closer LED pixels) and a higher resolution (more pixels per square foot). This means better looking pictures and video can be shown on the display, for eye catching messages.

Utilizing the best placement of an LED display is an important factor for auto dealers when choosing where they’ll get the most value and performance. In this case, using a high resolution display gives them the ability to not only show general advertisements and content, but images of specific vehicles, ready to sell now. The versatility of LED displays is wide, and especially helpful when selling products that depend heavily on visual aesthetics to get people excited to buy.


Business Name: Maxie Price Chevrolet
City: Loganville
Pitch: 5mm
Matrix: 240 x 480
Dimensions: 4’ x 7’ -11”

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