Beer, Cheese and Convenience

Beer, Cheese and Convenience in Westfield Wisconsin.

Westfield BP in Westfield, WI offers more than just a fill-up. They have an attached Burger King, snacks, drinks supplies, and of course the famous Wisconsin staples: beer and cheese. By adding an LED display to their sign installation, they now have an amazing tool working 24/7 to bring in customers and business.

Travelers have many choices when looking for places to stop, and first impressions are king in this market. Their LED display easily sets them apart for that initial head turn. Then, a follow up with timely advertisements for special deals, food items, or services, helps generate even more revenue past the initial fill-up or candy bar.

When convenience is the name of the game, LED displays are the most convenient method for viewers to get the information they need to choose YOU as their next stop.

Business Name: BP Gas Station
City: Westfield
State: WI
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 90 x 180
Dimensions: 4’ -9” x 9’ -6”

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