Bring the Experience to the Viewer

Bringing the Experience to the Viewer Through Dynamic Advertising

Traditional street signage brings awareness of your location to the public while promoting your specific message or products. LED signage brings this to the next level by making these messages dynamic and head turning. Bridge Street Liquors in Elkton, MD is embracing this by including both types to bring in business.

Their customer-service centered approach is well known in the area, with high ratings on Google and other online review platforms. Bringing this message to the public with an LED sign helps them promote their brand of service, while also keeping things fresh with special deals on products.

They use a mixture of professional content from our SM Infinity platform, and their own content using the built in Doodle Editor. This has been a successful method employed by many Vantage LED sign owners to build their library over time with amazing professional content, while being able to easily send custom messages immediately to the display.

A great looking sign installation, integrated with an LED display gives owners a host of valuable options for advertising their unique brand and products. Bridge Street Liquors is doing it right, proving everyday that it’s not the size of the sign that matters, but the content and energy you put into it.



Business Name: Bridge Street Liquors
City: Elkton
State: MD
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 32 x 112
Dimensions: 2’ -5” x 7’ -8”

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