One Building – Two Schools

One Building,Two Schools and a Great Solution

South of Fayetteville, GA near Senoia, you’ll find Starr’s Mill, a picturesque park named after the turbine mill built there in 1907. Like their namesake, Starr’s Mill High School, and Rising Starr Middle School represent a unique architectural design, sharing the same building, spanning out on each side. Instead of installing a single LED sign for the site, they elected to install a sign for each school.

While they both share the same building, they have separate entrances and parking off Panther Lane. Having two signs installed helps separate traffic, and deliver information to students, parents and teachers that are related to their specific school.

They use the signs regularly to recognize staff and student achievements like Teacher of the Year, The Golden Apple Award and others. They also use the display to show upcoming events, testing schedules, meetings and to promote their school values and community messages.

A great example of effective communication through LED technology, helping to build the future

Business Name: Rising Starr Middle School
City: Fayetteville
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 60 x 165
Dimensions: 3’ -2” x 8’ -8”

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