Continuing the Mission

Continue the Mission Through LED Displays

John Tyler Community College serves a diverse community in Chesterfield County, VA providing both in-person and fully online degrees with over 75 total majors. Their mission statement is to provide “…quality educational opportunities that inspire student success and community vitality”. The full color LED display installed off I-95 in Chester, VA does just that by informing and inspiring thousands of students, parents and community members driving the interstate each day.

The display is integrated with a well designed and impressive static signage structure, making this an iconic landmark for viewers that’s hard to miss. While the main entrance is on the other side of the property, they are able to maximize their impact by getting creative and using the property up against an interstate with a much wider and visible audience. It exemplifies the importance of being creative to get your message out to the public.

LED displays are one of the best ways to set organizations like John Tyler Community College apart from traditional methods of communications and inspiration, bringing their message into the 21st century of the internet and digital media.

Business Name: John Tyler Community College
City: Chester
State: VA
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 120 x 375
Dimensions: 6’ -3” x 19’ -8”

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