Lemons Into Lemonade

Turning a Competitors Lemons into Lemonade – Multi Tenant Shopping

When enough is enough; sometimes you just have to step in and do the right thing as a true partner who’s got your back. We helped one of our loyal dealers replace a competitor’s display for The Riverwoods Business Park after repeated failures and no solutions from the original display provider.

The dealer reached out to Vantage LED for advice after repeated failures of a competitor’s project they had installed in the past. Instead of advice, they were offered the chance to replace the sign with a Vantage LED unit, in order to help them provide the best experience for this customer and future customers for long term growth of their company.

“The best part was when they came to us and said ‘we are just gonna get you a new sign’… my investors are happy, my vendors are happy and all my tenants are happy and so that was really a good thing for us….they just made it happen.” – Dave Jansen, Property Manager at Riverwoods

Being able to come up with creative solutions that address the long term needs of our dealers is what Vantage LED is all about. We invest more than just words; we invest time, money and resources to create winning situations like this, day after day, year after year.

Business Name: The Riverwoods
City: Logan
State: UT
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 48 x 96
Dimensions: 3’-4” x 6’-6”

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