Better Visibility More Revenue

Better Visibility for Direct Revenue Increase

Joe Daniel, the owner of Little Caesars in Arnold, MO, has a great location off a 4-lane highway, but the business sits back about 150′ and can be easily missed. So, to capture the huge traffic flow everyday, he decided to trade out his old static “Little Caesars” sign for a dynamic LED sign which is constantly moving and getting attention. After working with one of our great Vantage LED dealers locally to purchase and install the sign, he reached out after only 2 months to report an immediate increase in revenue from the sign alone. 

“My business is up 23% already, from this same time last year! I’m really excited!” Joe Daniel, Little Caesars Pizza 

The display was able to facilitate engagement from thousands of potential customers driving by each day with dynamic content that turned heads. Being able to schedule targeted information like specials, events, or time specific messages is key to increasing traffic and sales and nothing does it better than an LED sign. 

Business Name: Little Ceasars
City: Arnold
State: MO
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 32 x 196
Dimensions: 2′-4″ x 11′-9″

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