Bringing a City Together

Bringing a City Together with LED Displays

The City of Grand Prairie TX reached out to a local Vantage LED dealer for help on LED displays, after some poor experiences using a general AV company for their outdoor LED display program. By working with a professional sign company instead, they were able to get a better product, support, warranty and a much better overall experience.

Multiple signs have been installed since that time, including a beautiful 16mm full color unit near their animal adoption center, replacing old displays at their historic Uptown Theater, and installing a monument style sign at the Grand Prairie ISD Admin Building. The displays are used to inform, enrich and support the community in a colorful and dynamic way; managed online 24/7 from SM Infinity.
Easy management of the displays through SM Infinity is essential, but our comprehensive warranty and vandalism protection was also an important factor for the city. They experienced vandalism in the past, and having these protections helps demonstrate the display is a responsible investment in the community.

Whether it’s livening up the theater downtown, promoting city events, generating civic awareness, or showing automatic emergency alerts, the displays have an important role to play now and in the future for the City of Grand Prairie.


Business Name: City of Grand Prairie
City: Grand Prairie
State: TX
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 150 x 240
Dimensions: 7’ -11” x 12’ -8”

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