Super-washes at a Super-center

Advertising Super-washes at a Super-center

Get your shopping done and a clean car at Delta Car Wash Express, a high tech drive thru car wash adjoining the Walmart parking lot in Cleveland, MS. With that much traffic passing by, delivering an enticing an impressive message is key to getting customers in the door. By incorporating a full color LED display into an attractive and striking sign installation, they created an irresistible call to action to drivers entering and exiting the lot.

If you’ve ever been tempted to buy that candy bar or drink at the cash register, you know what an “impulse buy” feels like. This type of purchase is common in the car wash market, and can be significantly bolstered by an LED display. Delta Car Wash leverages this to advertise messages like “Free Vacuums” and special deals like “$2 Off Tuesdays” to redirect these potential customers. They also capitalize on their drive-thru setup with the tagline “The Car Wash for Busy People”, reminding people how convenient it is to drive in, get a clean car, and drive out.

A great location, a beautiful sign, and smart messaging combine to make this one of the most popular car washes in the area. LED displays do this for thousands of car washes across the country, helping owners grow their business and expand into the 21st century and beyond.




Business Name: Delta Car Wash Express
City: Cleveland
State: MS
Pitch: 24mm
Matrix: 40 x 110
Dimensions: 3’ -2” x 8’ – 7”

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