Turn in Now!

Turn in Now and Clean That Car!

Being able to pull business in directly from the street is a huge factor in running a successful car wash. Star Car Wash in Desoto, TX knows this well, and invested in a full color LED display to do just that.

Car Wash traffic can vary greatly depending on the weather, season, and the location. Targeting drivers at the right times is key. While it might be raining today, you want your customers to come back tomorrow. And when the sun is already out, the LED display is a constant call to action for motorists to turn in now and clean that car!

The LED display is a perfect size for this application, delivering the message with clean colors and crisp text. It helps bring in new customers, who become repeat customers, growing the business and increasing revenue. An LED display isn’t a purchase, it’s an investment.

Business Name: Star Car Wash
City: Desoto
State: TX
Pitch: 10mm
Matrix: 120 x 210
Dimensions: 3’ -11” x 6’ -8”

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