Fast Service and a Call to Action

Fast Service and a Call to Action

Kwik Kar Lube & Tune is a full service “stay in your car” oil change, maintenance, and emissions testing center in Mesquite, TX. They incorporated a Vantage LED display into a monument style ground level sign, with great visibility from the street or sidewalk.

After exploring multiple options in the market, the owners reached out to a trusted Vantage LED dealer who helped them isolate their true needs and the value of a quality product and warranty. After the purchase and installation, they were very happy with the decision to invest a little more, for the piece of mind and long term reliability our product provides.

The display serves as a call to action for common items we all have to deal with like oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and emissions testing. By having the display in such a great location, and promoting specific services, they are able to generate business by essentially reminding customers of these services. Even if they don’t turn in immediately, they will remember the location and are more likely to visit Kwik Kar when they decide to get the work done.

Creating a call to action is essential for the auto service industry. Too many people let their cars go without service or maintenance for too long. Kwik Kar Lube & Tune is proof that LED displays can inspire action, helping car owners extend the life of their car, and increasing revenue for the business. A win win.

Business Name: Kwik Kar
City: Mesquite
State: TX
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 60 x 120
Dimensions: 4’ x 7’ -11”

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