A Captive Audience

Advertising to a Captive Audience

Busy four way intersections are at the top of the list for desirable LED display locations. Adirondack Trust Company in Wilton, NY sits on just such a location, utilizing bold signage integrated with a beautiful high resolution 10mm LED display.

Not only do they have great exposure, but the sign is installed very close to the street, allowing clean visibility from traffic in all directions. The stop lights create a captive audience while the motorists wait for the green light. This ideal situation means content can be seen and ingested more fully, increasing the effect each piece has on their audience. Messages on interest rates, loans, hours, and community messages help bring in business and build the brand.

The financial market is built on trust. Being able to have your signage reflect your standards through a great looking sign, and great looking content is priceless. It creates an immediate connection with the audience that leaves a lasting impression.



Business Name: Adirondack Trust Co
City: Wilton
State: NY
Pitch: 10mm
Matrix: 128 x 224
Dimensions: 4’ -6” x 7’ -8”

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