The Power to Bring in Business

The Power of Aesthetics and Light to Bring In Business

Good signage draws a balance between form and function. The goal of a sign is to be seen, but also to deliver a message. Ascension Credit Union in Gonzales LA worked with their Vantage LED Dealer to create a stunning sign that does both.

Ascension Credit Union takes pride in being the best place for their customers to do business, and the best place to work, winning multiple awards for both since 2017. They wanted their street presence to reflect these standards with a creative and aesthetic sign structure, integrating a bright and dynamic LED display.

The display is a beautifully designed flag mount structure, enhanced with angles and strong colors. It’s installed facing LA-44 (S Burnside Ave) and can be seen from blocks away, making the location easy to spot, and turning heads. They run content for all the main products they offer like Loans, Mortgages, Savings, IRA’s, along with seasonal and community events.

This display proves that teaming up with a good sign company using solid products and great designers can produce beautiful things.


Business Name: Ascension CU
City: Gonzales
State: LA
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 90 x 180
Dimensions: 4’ -9” x 9’ -6”

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