Making a Difference

Building Moral, Awareness, and Making a Difference

An outgoing commander at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK wanted to provide a unique, but practical mark on the base prior to retiring. It was decided an LED display was the best option and a trusted Vantage LED dealer was chosen for the project.

Key factors in awarding the job included Vantage LED’s low power requirement that supports the long electrical run for the install, along with being able to meet their network requirements for the operation of the unit.

This unique four face design helps bring important information, increase rapport and builds moral for the service men and women on base. The display is updated regularly with a host of information regarding events, procedures, safety reminders and base wide announcements.

Leaders were thrilled with the performance of the sign and its ability to communicate and make a difference in base operations and awareness. Through our dealer program, thousands of displays have been installed across the country on military bases, ships, training centers, outposts, and other government facilities across the country and the world.

Business Name: Fort Gordon
City: Augusta
State: GA
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 112 x 272
Dimensions: 7’ -8” x 18’ -2”

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