Retrofit Gold

Retrofit Gold – Giving New Life to an Iconic Destination

Golden Acorn Casino located in Campo California refreshed their iconic sign installation on I-8 with a new sign, new paint and a retrofitted 18’ x 36’ 16mm full color electronic LED display that promises great food, fun and relaxation at the popular travel stop.

The sign has been greeting visitors to the area for years, but after the original LED display failed, the owners decided to refresh the entire installation including a retrofit of a new digital LED display and two additional 4’ x8’ 12mm displays for their entrance.

“The team was excited to help CNS Signs with this project and we were thrilled to see SBI cover it. Retro-fits like this are a great way to upgrade your visibility, without the extra costs of a full teardown, new fabrication, and new installation”. – Frank Vega, Vantage LED Regional Sales Manager

The project scope and unique characteristics garnered the attention of many, including Sign Builder Illustrated, a popular industry publication who covered the process and installation on their online platform.



SPECIFICATIONS (Main Retro-fit Installation):
Business Name: Golden Acorn Casino
City: Campo
State: CA
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 345 x 690
Dimensions: 18’ x 36’

SPECIFICATIONS (Entrance Displays x2):
Business Name: Golden Acorn Casino
City: Campo
State: CA
Pitch: 12mm
Matrix: 100 x 240
Dimensions: 3’-11” x 9’-5”

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