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First National Bank of Texas has experience in using LED displays. They have been leading the financial sector industry in the use of outdoor digital signage since its availability. However, the Bank was using dated, single-color LED displays for over 10 years which slowly became difficult to service and keep operational.

Their biggest challenge was finding a partner who was willing to be creative in packaging a lease program that was consistent with their previous procurement approach. This allowed them to transition their budget and spending in a seamless manner.

“I would rate my experience a 9+ and would absolutely recommend Focus Digital Displays.” – Melissa, Facilities Manager

Focus Digital Displays provided the right full color LED display hardware to improve communication capabilities packaged with the knowledge and support to ensure the bank is positioned to maximize their marketing investment today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Business Name: First National Bank of Texas

City: Killeen
State: Texas
Pitch: 24mm
Matrix: 80 x 200
Dimensions: 6’4” x 15’9”

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