An LED Believer

LED Display advertising has proven itself.

Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market have been using LED displays for years, proven to be the best way to get attention and draw customers into their business. The old display at this location was getting outdated, so it was time for an upgrade. They reached out to a valued dealer in the area, Superior Signs, to provide the new Vantage LED display and installation. 

Not only did they get a sharp 12mm display, but now, with real cloud-based operation, it allows them much more freedom to access the display anytime from anywhere via WiFi.

“We love the clarity of this new 12 MM display and the ease of operation to create great content.”
– Tom Leonard

They use SM Infinity to manage the display, content, and scheduling online. This makes it easy to update the display 24/7 with new prices, products or events. Overall, it’s not just a visual upgrade, but a complete experience boost for everyone including customers, potential customers, and the owner. 

Business Name: Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market

City: Richmond
State: VA
Pitch: 12mm
Matrix: 120 x 260
Dimensions: 4′-8″ x 10′-2″

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