Send Messages Everyday

Send Messages Everyday.

Bethel Animal Hospital wanted to draw maximum attention to their sign, and being able to send messages to the community every day was very important to them. They also wanted the sign to match the beautiful environment they created with their building and interior.

Local sign company, Big Mouth Signs, helped design a attractive and functional identification sign which features a full-color LED message sign to keep in touch with the local community every day.

“The LED display added another avenue for advertising, which in the long run, will be inexpensive.”
– Dr Peter Kowalewski

At Bethel Animal Hospital, they strongly encourage preventative healthcare. Now, with a full color LED message sign, they can educate, advertise, and alert the community through dynamic messages how they can best serve their client’s pets.

Business Name: Bethel Animal Hospital

City: Marietta
State: GA

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