Radio Waves to Light Waves

From Radio Waves to Light Waves with Outdoor Digital Advertising

Riverbend Communications operates and owns multiple stations serving the East Idaho area. Interested in increasing their advertising arm, they decided to expand into outdoor digital advertising as a way to not only promote their own stations, but give their customers more advertising options.

They worked with a local Vantage LED dealer to install their first large Billboard off I-15 in Pocatello. The 14’ x 48’ double faced display was shipped in large sections for easy assembly and installation onsite. They use SM Infinity to manage the display online, 24/7. The ads can be scheduled a multitude of ways, like slot or groups, by advertiser, day parted, or host of other options according to their needs.

With an average viewership of close to 35,000 drivers each day, this installation is a great example of what outdoor digital advertising can do for owners, operators, and advertisers on a daily basis. We’re here to help facilitate growth in this market with a reliable product, smooth operation, and an amazing warranty.

Business Name: Riverbend Communications
City: Pocatello
State: ID
Pitch: 25mm
Matrix: 120 x 480
Dimensions: 9’ -6” x 39’ -5”

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