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Gator Graphics knows a good sign when they see one, because they build them. Having worked in the business for over two decades, they’ve seen signs shift from painted to print to digital. When they wanted to put a solid footprint down in Warrensburg, MO they chose the best digital signage they could find: A Vantage LED 16mm 8’ x 23’ Flex Series display.

Outdoor advertising has a lot of hidden costs, one being electrical power. We are the leader in low powered digital, with our products operating at 70% less power than others in the market. We also mitigate owner costs with our unique 7 year parts and on-site service warranty which minimizes the downtime and cost of any service issues if needed. The Proof-of-Performance reporting also makes it easy to handle billing and service-level agreement assurances so advertisers know their messages are getting out to the public.

When it comes to making a sound investment with outdoor advertising, it’s important to go with a provider who doesn’t just promise performance – but backs and supports that promise. Gator Graphics chose to go with a leader in the field and the sign has been a benchmark for their success and the success of local businesses.

Business Name: Gator Graphics Billboard
City: Warrensburg
State: MO
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 180 x 450
Dimensions: 9’-6” x 23’-8”

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