Celebrating in Style

Celebrating Fans and Sponsors in Style

When Wildcat Football wanted to take sponsor and fan appreciation to the next level, they reached out and chose Vantage LED for a great looking live video display. When the heat is on and the competition is fierce, teams need to know they can rely on the live video system to showcase their players, fans, and sponsors.

No single point stands out more than a solid supported parts and on-site service warranty for peace of mind paired with VR-enhanced resolution delivering 4x the native pixel matrix and an ultra-low power system keeping the total cost down.

Sponsors and fans are celebrated, the game is taken to a whole new level, and everyone can enjoy and share the big moments on the big screen. When the competition lines up, Vantage LED breaks through with a solid delivery and leading team to ensure the best overall experience for everyone.

Business Name: Camden County Stadium
City: Kingsland
State: GA
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 176 x 224
Dimensions: 9’ -6” x 12’ -1”

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