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The Best Fans Deserve the Best Displays

Vantage LED USA was chosen among top manufacturers to provide billboard-sized LED screens for the 2014 Fan Fest events throughout Brazil to showcase the greatest soccer games live to the greatest fans. A team of officials visited Vantage LED in California to check out their facilities and witness a full-size demonstration of Vantage’s full color innovative LED displays. The team was so impressed that Vantage LED USA was awarded the contract.


We provided five 16mm Full Color LED Displays, 27′ x 50′ each for five cities: Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, and Natal. They were large, brilliant, and visually incredible.

The Vantage Brazil team was onsite for about 10 days to help construct and train the local crew on how to operate the LED signs. The experience brought the entire company together and it was a proud moment. The fans lost their minds when their faces were on the displays or when Brazil scored.

Business Name: Brazil FanFest
City: Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, and Natal
State: Brasil
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 512 x 960
Dimensions: 27’ x 50’

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