Football in the Foothills

Football in the Foothills

Banks County High School resides in the foothills of Georgia, in the town of Homer. They wanted to bring their scoreboard to the next level with live video and dynamic content and reached out to a trusted Vantage LED dealer to integrate the new board with a full color LED display.

The sign was installed in sections with a traditional scoreboard at the base, our 20mm full color display in the middle between side sponsor panels, and topped with an ID cabinet. This type of configuration supports both form and function with the LED Display giving the school additional sponsorship options and full motion video, while saving the side panels for static sponsors.

The display is controlled in the pressbox with our Advanced Live Video system that includes a workstation and video scaler for multiple video sources. Operators can run both scheduled content, and live content with a click of a mouse. This easy to use approach is what sets us apart from the rest. Beautiful display, exciting football and easy operation. This is Vantage LED.


Business Name: Banks County High School
City: Homer
State: GA
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 120 x 192
Dimensions: 7’-10” x 12’-7”

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