Vantage Flex

“Because of our diverse team of people who have a passion for crafting a well-engineered and innovative product as well as build personal and attentive relationships, it has allowed us to boldly grow in the direction we believe this industry is calling for...and not reactively follow everyone else.”
- Chris Ma, Founder and CEO of Vantage LED

It’s about catering to your business needs.

By being flexible, we can tailor our Terms, Deposits, Warranty, Onsite Service, and Lead Times. We’re more than just a source for product. We’re here to grow your business.

TERMS up to 180 days and DEPOSITS as low as 30%.

What can you do?
Grow your business, hire more sales people, buy more equipment, or create a payment plan for your client. Along with great terms, you can earn our lowest deposit level and keep more money in-house. You should be rewarded for keeping up with your account, and you can earn this flexibility in as little as six orders.

PARTS WARRANTY is 7 years and ONSITE SERVICE is 7 years.

Bring your client to the next level with the best warranty and service in the industry.
We have proven that our product has been engineered to consistently perform in the field, and therefore, we confidently offer what you and your client deserve. Forget about shipping parts, walking your customer through ribbon cables over the phone, or swapping power supplies... and deliver REAL peace of mind in the field.

GUARANTEED LEAD TIMES as little as 2 weeks.

Your cash flow and your reputation are important.
We value that, and we're prepared to make a guarantee...or we'll take the hit.

Our standard lead times are 4-6 weeks, but we're going to try a new program. For a nominal fee, we will guarantee your lead time.
If we do not meet your date, we’ll pay you 5 times that fee as a discount on your order.
- For 1% of the total cost of order, we’ll guarantee your lead time from 4-8 weeks.
- For 1.5% of total cost of order, we’ll guarantee your lead time of 3 weeks.
- For 2% of total cost of order, we’ll guarantee your lead time of 2 weeks.


Give your client their own personal graphic designer.
Digital signage can quickly become ineffective if the content is not designed right, because well-designed content means a better brand image which converts into more traffic and more sales; a more positive return on investment for your client...and a good referral for you.

Your client can enjoy the personal attention of professional designers creating custom content specific to their business integrated within SM Infinity™ included for 1 year. They will get the Silver Level Package. They receive 500 points every month to use towards purchasing professional and personalized custom content for their LED display.
- 50 points for a still image.
- 100 points for an animation.
(Market rate for 5 animations is about $750)

Temescal Valley Elementary, Corona, CA
Phoenix™ Full Color Series - 16mm - 64 x 144 / 3’-8” x 7’-10”
Professional content personally created for
Temescal Valley by the graphic team at SM Infinity™
Sign provided by Signs of Community

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