Silver Lining Advertising

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The next time you’re cruising the Las Vegas strip, you may catch a brilliant ad for the new Cirque de Soleil show cruising right next to you.
We met with John and Dusty of Silver Lining Advertising who are bringing the best of digital advertising to the streets with a stunning new mobile digital billboard packed with better features & value for their advertisers and super bright ultra-high resolution ads for all the tourists of Vegas to see.
How did Silver Lining Advertising get started?

A synergy...

Meeting Vantage LED at the International Sign Expo
After meeting with Vantage LED in Vegas at the ISA Sign Expo, Silver Lining quickly learn about the “design house” mentality Vantage has to bring value for their clients. Silver Lining had a wishlist of items which challenged the team at Vantage LED to develop an overall customized product that outperforms Silver Lining's competition.

Vantage FLEX: Super Bright and High Resolution
Silver Lining’s mission was very clear when they chose the Vantage FLEX product. They wanted the standard diode layout for brightness, and the power of our Virtual Resolution technology to achieve a sharper resolution for close viewing.

Vantage FLEX: Ultra-Low Power
The Vantage FLEX product not only brings brilliance of color, but it accomplishes this by only using 30% of power compared to other leading manufacturers. This helped Silver Lining tremendously when it came to their cost of operation budget.

...of customized features...

Automated Stop and Go Messaging
In the interest of safety for the driver and others on the road, Vantage worked with SM Infinity to customize an automated content rotation solution. When the truck is in motion, the content will not change, but when the truck stops, the content will rotate between messages automatically.

Equal Distribution of Ad Play for the Advertisers
With the inconsistency that can occur with the stop and go rotation of messages, SM Infinity took it one step further to include a "Content Equalizer". It ensures that all the advertisers still get equal amount of advertising time throughout every day.

Real-Time Stats & Proof of Performance
Advertisers can log into SM Infinity at any time to check the stats of their advertising in real time. Immediate reporting helps to keep the advertisers informed.

Bright in the Vegas Sun
Let's walk around the truck and see how it performs in the sun.

"You just gotta see it!"

...that deliver an impact.

This is the Vantage experience.
By customizing solutions that work for you and you clients, it's impacting your business to grow, and in the end, that's the ultimate goal.

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