Maverick Helicopters

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Just a block away from the infamous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign,
Maverick Helicopters shows the brilliance of the Vegas strip in a daring and exciting new perspective for thrill-seeking tourists...thousands of feet in the air.
How did Maverick Helicopters get started?

In partnership with Federal Heath, Vantage LED provided a Phoenix Series 12.5mm pitch display (208 x 384 matrix) to be incorporated within the beautiful new identification sign located on the main road driving into Vegas. Visitors from all around will not miss this dynamic sign as it lures them to check a helicopter ride off their bucket list either around Vegas or out to the Grand Canyon.
How has the LED sign impacted your business?

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...and Indoor.
In partnership with Spectacular Media and their SM Infinity cloudware, Vantage LED was able to provide a customize indoor solution as well. While the indoor screens display engaging content, Maverick needed to take control at any moment to display safety videos and other important announcements.
How is SM Infinity controlling your indoor LCD screens?

Not only does SM Infinity control the outdoor LED display with ease from any platform (PC, Mac, or Mobile), but their customized solution also controls the content on the indoor LCD screens, with a manual override for safety content as well as audio.

Synergy at its best.
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