Are You Getting the Most From Your Signage?

A digital LED Sign is a great investment for an organization, but just having a great tool isn’t enough to bring in the business – how you use it will determine how effective it can be.

USPs (Unique Selling Points)

A good sign delivers the organization name and brand identity – a GREAT sign showcases that organization and helps the community understand why THAT location is one they should know. Digital LED displays deliver more than time and temp – they can educate the community about the unique goods and/or services the organization offers. 

A Conversation Starter

The sign is more than a location marker – with digital, owners can communicate directly with the public. The sign sparks curiosity, initiates a conversation which drives people to want to stop in and learn more.

Why You and not the Other Place?

We are inundated with options and information nearly beyond our capacity to tell why one business is better than another. This creates ‘analysis paralysis’ and results with someone passing up an opportunity to work with a particular business because it’s easier to ‘go with what you know.’ A digital LED sign helps differentiate an organization from others and stand out in a positive light. Let people know what you are beyond the name.

People Remember How You Make Them Feel

Digital signage isn’t always about selling and promotion – it’s about establishing a rapport. Be the sign that stands out because it made someone smile or laugh. Be the display that has a daily funny joke or saying. Be the reason someone smiles and the next time they need some help your organization offers – they’re likely to remember you over anyone else.

Your sign may be good, but it can be great. Consider a digital LED sign and how it can not only help you succeed, but be an active part in your community – even if that part is sometimes the place people look for a smile or inspiring quote. The investment in great content will pay you back tenfold.

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