What does ‘doing different… better’ look like?

Why we deliver more for the customer:

Since we started in 2003, we’ve had a singular focus – deliver better displays with a focus on the user. This focus drives our initiatives and our continued mission to respectfully serve our partners by delivering an amazing experience and the most spectacular displays to own and operate. Let’s explore what doing different better looks like.

Better Content

The industry provides a standard stock library of anywhere from 500 – 2,000 stock content pieces. This sounds impressive until an end user realizes about 10% of that library is applicable to their specific needs. We noticed there’s a learning curve for clients to make great content and opted to give them a hand with up to 120 custom messages in the first year to ensure their investment with an LED display looks great from day 1.

Better Warranty

Making a big investment is stressful. The cost of an LED display isn’t small and it’s difficult to swallow after-service costs. In the first five years, most displays won’t have issues – but when they do – a trip to diagnose issues and another to service can come to $500 or more. In year 6 and 7, add in the costs of a controller ($800 – $2,000+), power supplies ($80-$300), and other costly components – the cost of ownership becomes stressful.

We wanted to deliver peace of mind and do that by including a standard 7 year parts warranty and the option to include a low-cost 7 year on-site service warranty. Life is stressful enough, a great display should make things less stressful, not more.

Better Control

We saw how time and again people were chained to a single computer to update and manage their display. This was weird because nearly everyone had a smartphone, a laptop, and/or a tablet and they were online. We launched SM Infinity (the first cloudware for LED Displays) in 2012 and continue to help our customers by providing FREE lifetime updates and upgrades. The first users of SM Infinity get all the latest and greatest, up-to-date and easy-to-use for the lifetime of their display.

Better Power

We made our displays truly energy efficient (½ – ⅓ the power required vs. competing LED Display companies). Lower power means lower cost to operate and more money going back into your organization vs. into paying to operate the display.

At Vantage LED – we do different, better and we continue to deliver for our customers (both partners and end-users). You deserve different, you deserve better. We’re here to deliver.

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