Digital Signage Technology Brings Us All Together

We can all appreciate the commercial and advertising benefits of digital signage (DS), but what about the community and public well being? By connecting our signage to the larger community in the cloud, we can do some amazing things, including the potential to save lives.

Alerts & Public Safety

Cloud connected digital signage gives us the ability to display public service and emergency alerts immediately and automatically to those who need it most. The more devices we can display important information like weather warnings, and amber alerts the better. People can react quicker, and tragic events can be minimized or avoided completely.

This is what makes the mixture of technology and the communication medium of the web so effective. The cloud gives us the ability to take a potentially large database of public alert data across the country, and automatically filter the information through the use of smart hardware and software. This greatly enhances the speed of message delivery when minutes can mean the difference between tragedy or safety.

The Community

Emergency alerts aren’t the only benefit communities see with DS. Better, higher resolution displays mean better readability. Information can be understood more quickly and presented in a pleasant way. Better hardware means outdoor displays last longer and look better, keeping the streets looking good. Indoor and outdoor digital signage also provide an outlet for creativity and digital art which community members and visitors can use to enjoy new and changing aesthetics.

Digital signage systems will continue to evolve inside and outside the sign industry. We look forward to being a part of the process, and seeing new technology and ideas come to life. Whether it’s digital menu boards, interactive kiosks or outdoor LED boards, digital signage will continue to be an important communication tool for generations to come.

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