The Value of an LED Display

When someone asks for a quote on an LED display, giving a price with no background is pointless. There’s no value in a price-driven conversation. How much does a car cost? What’s the price of a computer? The real questions are: What do you want to use the car for and where do you want to go? What do you want to do with the computer? Value first, price later.

So what is the value of an LED display? Two quick scenarios.

Let’s look at a used car dealer.  Average car sales profit = about $2,000 or so per car sold (depending on the car and a bunch of other factors, but let’s say that’s the average). Maybe 8 or 10 people stop by per weekday. 15-20 on a weekend. Average close rate is 30% (3 out of every 10). Put up an LED display and only get 1-2 more people per weekday and 3-4 more per weekend. That’s 11-18 more people per week. 40-60 per month. A possible $10,000+ per month (on the low end) MORE profit. $120,000 per year in profit. What’s the value of that display? Quite a lot for that dealer.

How about a school or church? We live in a world of screens. Big screens and little screens. LCD displays at the supermarket and checkout giving us our totals and some advertising, our phones delivering emails, texts, photos, websites, apps. We are INUNDATED with information. So much information, it’s easy to forget and miss things. The school LED Display helps remind parents about important upcoming events and informs the community. The church display helps inform new members on service times and support while keeping sending inspiring messages.and content to the community and current members.

Maybe your business won’t net exactly $120,000 in profit from a new LED Display, but it will deliver value. Better, more direct communication with the clients in your area. Direct and immediate interaction with people who may not have known about your organization. Look beyond the price point and see what you’re getting.

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