LightSpeed™ LIVE VIDEO

Easy Plug-N-Play Option for Full Screen Video

  • Supports a single standard HDMI source like a laptop,
    Chromecast or video camera.

  • Connect your video source up to 300ft away with wired
    and wireless extension upgrades!

  • Simple on-off feature switches between scheduled media
    content, and live video.

  • Quick-play feature interrupts schedule with media clips
    during live events.


Extended Production Option for Multiple Video Sources

  • Easy to use platform for scoreboards, racing, advertising and multiple video sources.

  • Ad-zones and full screen video switching.

  • One-click media playback buttons for quick action during events.

  • One-click schedule playback for pre, post, and current event schedules.

  • One-click video select for multi-source video.


Take it to the next level with our Vantage LED Certified providers for additional features like:

Event Production, Scoring and Video Capture all from your iPad
Stats, Live Data and Integrations
Fan App to connect with your fans

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