LightSpeed LIVE Event Software

Piqua High School, Piqua, OH
Phoenix™ Full Color Series, 16mm – 192 x 576 / 10’-4” x 30’-6”
“I handle all aspects of the live video, the advertisements, and the announcements for our live video scoreboard. I command the cameras and the Hot Buttons to showcase the animated files that happen during the game. I find it so easy, that I wish we had it installed in our grand stand, instead of the press box, so I could talk more with my friends as I operate the video display.”
- Melanie R., High School Senior in Georgia

LightSpeed LIVE™ Event Software brings any venue to life by commanding live video, advertisements, and instant action content to your video display with a simple and open interface with exclusive features like:

ACTION ON THE DISPLAY…Establish different layouts (or zones) to display the desired content, like live camera action and advertisements at the same time. Simply, plug in a Blu-ray/DVD player to display videos, movies, or advertisements.

INTEGRATED SCALER CONTROLS…(a separate component that scales input from cameras, video players, etc to fit on your display). All interactive buttons for the Scaler have been implemented into the software, which allows accurate and quicker control; the user only needs to point and click on the computer screen.

REVENUE GENERATING ADVERTISEMENTS...The Sign Scheduler allows the customer to create a playlist of advertisements that can be scheduled for Pre-Game, During the Game, and Post Game.

INSTANT ACTION WITH HOT BUTTONS... Hot Buttons on the screen shows recognizable thumbnails of all quick action content, like “TOUCHDOWN!” or “ITS GOOD!”, which are easily initiated with one click. It interrupts the current schedule, but once completed, the schedule resumes in the same spot instead of going back to the top of the playlist and starting over and missing any advertisements.

- Keep it simple with direct wireless connection.
- Connect directly or through your network.
- Display AVIs for videos or advertisements.
- Easily upgrade to GO LIVE to incorporate cameras, media sources, & instant replay.

- Show instant replays of amazing plays.
- Easily integrate new tools, like a TriCaster for slow motion replays, or Wireless HD Cameras.
- Software integrated Scaler for easy operation.
- Connect up to 4 cameras, media ports for video from DVD/Blu-ray (USB/HDMI), or live stream from Satellite/Cable/TV ...with audio about movie night?

“After over 50 years, we’ve developed a reputation of having the highest quality
products and superior customer service, so we’re very selective with which company we choose to align ourselves. Vantage LED has proven to be a perfect fit not only with their standard of quality in product and service, but also in their core values.”
- Jim Ledford, Electro-Mech Scoreboard Co.

We offer reliable solutions for any event application.

Stadiums, arenas, sports venues, and special events all require a reliable and robust high performance product. Whether it’s pre-programmed content, live video, or advertisements, the image must be crisp, clear, fluid and spectacular.

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