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Good Shepherd LCMS, Cedar Park, TX
Traditional Full Color Series - 16mm – 48 x 128 / 2’-10” x 7’-0” / 6K Pixels

Communicating a unified and effective message to the community is the single most important aspect for virtually all non-profits, churches, and charities. This typically has to be done on a budget, and as efficiently as possible, due to limited resources and staff. We understand these unique needs and have tailored our displays to support organizations of all shapes and sizes, plus the power of our cloud-based software: SM Infinity™.

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The integrated content creation service in SM Infinity™ provides custom professional graphics for any organization; helping them stand out from the crowd with colorful and attention getting designs without the time and expense of a freelance graphic design team. Make sure your next event or fund-raising round gets the attention it deserves!


Manage schedules, content, and users all from the cloud 24/7 from anywhere/anytime (from any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone with web access). Update events and create content on the fly with our Doodle™ Online Message Editor that supports colorful text, graphics, backgrounds, and even live data, like RSS Weather feeds.


Taking community support to the next level, our fully automatic emergency alert service links directly to FEMA’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System) service for amber/silver alerts, severe weather, and local/regional/state/ federal safety alerts. This feature automatically displays the alerts on your display and does not require any manual data entry which can cause delays or incorrect information.


Quality outdoor signage is a financial investment, so it’s critical to get the best value for the money. We pride ourselves on providing the best hardware/software in the industry, and the most power efficient systems on the market; saving money on electricity and maintenance. Our displays can easily be upgraded to the next tightest pitch, to full color, or newer technology for a fraction of the initial investment to meet your organizations needs as you grow and change.


Our customer service team is US-based and ready to go the extra mile to help with any needs including training, hardware setup, and troubleshooting. The product is backed by a full comprehensive parts warranty. Parts are stocked and inventoried for long term support and service.

"I'm passionate about teaching the Word and seeing people become fully devoted followers of Christ, and this new LED message sign is a tool that will help our church connect and spread the Word as well as share many of the events we have here at the church."
Mark Cowell, Pastor at Midway Baptist Church


Cross Lutheran

Located in New Braunfels
48 x 120 . 3'-2" x 7'-11"

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