Low Fat Digital Signage: Get More Info, Less Marketing

Low fat, high protein, great taste… these all sound good, but they don’t tell the whole story. With burgers it’s a low risk investment; try the burger and see if it meets your needs. But for a large investment like digital signage you need more than clever marketing, pretty pictures, and low price points that drive you away from the real conversation: Does the system deliver on ALL your needs? Here are a few important factors to consider above and beyond the marketing. 

Power Draw and Costs

People aren’t talking about power for a reason. LED Displays typically require a lot of energy. With power costs rising every year, power is a concern. Also, many LED Displays are installed at existing properties and sign locations – will the extra power needs require new power to be pulled? That’s an added cost to something that’s already a big investment.

This is a top priority for us when designing our systems and making engineering decisions. It’s why we only require 1/2 to 1/3 the power of our top competitors. Lower power means lower costs and a smooth installation, making the decision to invest in an LED Display that much easier. 

After-Service is an Afterthought

For over a decade, 5 year parts-only warranties have been the industry standard. Many buyers don’t know any better and view this as ‘good enough’, but for a tool meant to grow your organization and provide a return on your investment, good enough just isn’t enough. Vantage LED stepped up the performance of our system and raised the bar to 7 year parts AND and an optional 7 year on-site service warranty WITH Lightning and Vandalism protection for full peace of mind.

We also provide lifetime support from an amazing team of in-house technicians, and a host of resources for training and documentation for both software and hardware. We support display owners, dealers and a network of service providers across the country to ensure our systems are running smooth, and our customers are happy.

Software is an Afterthought

Your experience with a new LED display doesn’t end after it’s installed. You’ll be working with the display on a day to day basis to drive attention and turn heads. Traditionally, LED display companies have avoided focusing of software, a weak-point for many of them. We tried to change this when we introduced SM Infinity to the masses almost a decade ago, but many companies are still playing catchup. We realize that an amazing product can’t deliver it’s full experience without amazing software. SM Infinity provides access to your display 24/7, with a focus on ease of use but with powerful features. You can create content, schedule content, manage your displays, and even get professional custom content made for you directly within the SM Infinity portal.

But not all displays need online access. Our LightSpeed software was built with the same commitment to a great user experience, for a multitude of display uses like live events & sports, virtual scoreboards, racing, live video, mobile units, and more! We also work with 3rd party providers to provide custom solutions for virtually anything you can think of. 

Doing Different, Better

This isn’t just a tag-line for us. This is how we think, how we build, how we approach customer support and satisfaction. If we were in the market for an LED display – we aim to be the company we’d turn to time and again. At Vantage LED – we do different, better and we continue to deliver for our customers (both partners and end-users). You deserve different, you deserve better. We’re here to deliver.

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