Digital Signage, an Extension of Your Brand

Branding in essence is a symbol that everyone can immediately identify. While branding cattle is pretty much permanent, branding an organization is a fluid process that needs to be updated and managed proactively over time. Extending your brand to digital signage is an important part of your approach that should not be forgotten. This is true for both indoor and outdoor signage.

Recognize the Value

While it’s easy to see successful branding efforts, it can be harder to see the others because they are…well…unsuccessful. Good branding will include as many outlets as possible including, print, radio, television, web, and digital signage. However, what tends to happen with digital signage, particularly outdoor, is operators forget to keep it updated and fresh. When the display is new, it’s exciting to use and manage but as time goes on it can turn into another thing “on the list” that get’s pushed aside.

Extend to Digital Signage

When people see you, they want to feel comfortable that you are going to provide what they need:  food, car repair, A/C service, medical care, religion, education, and many more. Consistency in your message is key to this and why branding is so important. It shows your viewers that you are organized and care about your product, service and customers. Continuing your brand image onto your digital signage is important to maintain that consistency.


This is your calling card to the general public, and may be the only way some of your potential customers are able to be reached. It makes sense to treat the sign as you would any print, radio, or TV commercial. This is sometimes hard to do because of the smaller format, but worth the effort. 

  • Don’t be scared to simplify the message. Take the root meaning of your larger format ads, and bottom line it for the viewers.
  • Maintain the same colors and font types as your existing ads, but tweaked for the special nature of LED signs. Some fonts may look good on print, but too thin on an LED sign. Avoid white backgrounds so viewers can focus on the message itself.
  • Trust the pros. If you have a graphic design team use them for the sign too, or use a content creation service like what we have built in with SM Infinity. It’s worth it!


These displays are a bit easier to extend your brand too. They are typically higher resolution (HD) and much of your existing advertising media can be converted directly, but there are still some important items to consider.

  • Keep them looking. In many cases, these viewers are already customers or have already made a decision to be one. Continue the branding and keep them happy, confirm that their choice was a good one.
  • Continue to simplify the message. While not as drastic as outdoors signage may be, indoor digital displays still need to be to the point and readable. Make sure they flow with your existing branding.
  • More fonts and design approaches can be used. You’ve got a larger canvas, your media can be more content rich with videos and artistic flair to draw the viewers in.
  • Identify the role. Digital menu boards, point of sale displays, waiting room displays, and information kiosks, are some of the many ways you can use indoor digital signage. They all have different roles to play, make sure your content is displayed accordingly.
  • Trust the pros.  As we mentioned before, utilize your in house graphics team, or contract a service. Good content can mean the difference between a passive digital display and a powerful advertising tool. 


Make sure the platform you choose to create, manage, and schedule your content will allow you to fulfill your branding goals. To do this, the platform should provide an easy and logical way to manage your digital network and schedule targeted content. Online platforms like SM Infinity are ideal, giving you 24/7 access to your displays, scheduling, professional content and user management.

Don’t Forget

If you pull nothing else away from this article, remember this: Don’t forget about your Digital Signage! It is truly an extension of your brand, and should reflect the image you have worked so hard to create. If you are new to digital signage, we recommend you take the plunge and look into the advantages of this technology. If you’re already in it, take a look at what you’ve got and see if you can make it more effective, consistent, and branded.

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