Invest in Success with DS!

You get what you pay for.

Like any good investment, the DS (Digital Signage) solution you choose has to be a long-term performer. You may be tempted to “go cheap” on a solution for your organization as everything looks the same, but it won’t pay out well for you in the long term. There’s a big difference between a ‘cheap’ DS solution and a competitively priced one.

You can often see cheap prices coming a mile away – the website pushes price firs and foremost, there’s little-to-no information on the system build, and USPs (Unique Selling Points). Be wary of a company who’s only been in business a few years; ideally a decade+ is preferred as this is a long term investment and you don’t want to go with a short-term company. Also be wary of a company who promotes themselves as owning the display, but they don’t actually manufacture the system nor own any IP (Intellectual Property) as you’re working through a middle agent vs. a partner with a valid manufacturer.

Content with DS is clear, but is your target getting the message?

When you take that step forward with an LED display investment, make sure you’re putting in the time and effort to make it successful for you and your organization. Someone using DS can’t just put up a display with a few messages and expect people to come breaking the doors down. DS delivers constant outreach to the community, the competition, and your potential target audience. It’s important to ensure the content is DYNAMIC and as such – it should change, be fresh, and deliver the message with your organization’s voice/tone effectively to the community at large.

What is the message you want delivered? Consider the ideal person/people you’re trying to connect with and focus on content which speaks to them. Highlight what’s unique about your organization and change the message up frequently to keep eyes looking for your next message.

You get out what you put in.

The better the content, the message, and the look of your DS solution – the more the target audience will be inclined to interact and take the action you’re looking for. The investment will net you a return – this could be ROI (Return on Investment with growth in sales) or ROO (Return on Objective) with better branding, community outreach, and presence.

An investment with DS will help your organization grow and can be a key element in your success. Make sure your investment is a sound one and compare what’s out there. Take a closer look (beyond the basics) when researching options so when you shake the apple tree – you can quickly spot the surprise lemons.

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