Old Display Out, New One Shines!

Old Display Out, New One Shines!

After many success and some down turns the Grand Opera had to reinvent itself and continue to be the biggest show in town. Their old LED display from a competitor had reached a point to where it was near impossible to get parts to service it and was down more than it was up. They reached out to a trusted local dealer in the area who helped retrofit a new Vantage LED display to help bring new life to venue.

Restoring The Grand Opera House to it’s beautiful iconic stature with a state of the art LED display required a team of experts. The main obstacle was retro-fitting the new LED display into a space built around the original message center. The new 3 faced Vantage LED display now shines and they have been able to return back to full service to the praise of all their patrons.

“We have had great response about the quality of the images and how thrilled the renters and patrons have been with the product we have been able to display on their behalf.” – Robert Mavity, Technical Director

Having a great looking sign is just the start. Our comprehensive warranty and onsite service provides piece of mind with full support and parts for the lifetime of the display. This is essential to help protect such an important investment, and bring joy to the community for years to come.

Business Name: The Grand Opera House Macon
Dealer: The Sign Store Macon

City: Macon
State: GA
Pitch: 6mm (3 sided)
Front Matrix: 160 x 1760
Side Matrix (x2): 160 x 400

Dimensions: 3′-2″ x 51′-0″ Total

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