Solutions: Digital Billboards

Riverbend Communications, Pocatello, ID
Traditional Full Color Series, 25mm - 120 x 480 / 9’-6” x 39’-5” / 58K Pixels
“We helped them expand their radio network into the digital billboard market. 24/7 access to make immediate changes and reports through SM Infinity was a key feature. We continue to provide boards as they grow in their market.”
- Jeff Nowling, Head of Technical Support


Customize the Build, Options, and Software for Your Billboard.

Your Build: Our FLEX-V LED modules are 9.45” x 9.45” (240mm x 240mm) to accommodate your desired billboard size, and they are all universal in size for all the available pitches (12, 16, 20, and 24mm)(See Common Sizes below).

Your Options: Further ensure uptime and no risk of lost revenue with optional component redundancies which kick on if certain components fail, and then maintenance can be schedule without urgency.

Your Software: Cloud-based software solution allows complete freedom to access & control your billboard(s) anytime, anywhere, from any device. Our In-House software team can also develop custom applications.

With innovative features that set you apart from competition:
- Ultra Low Power: requiring 70% less power when compared to leading manufacturers.
- Conformal Coated Power Supplies: protect against internal corrosion & oxidation increasing life by 25%.
- Enhanced Resolution: resulting in smoother graphics and more fluid video.
- Insured 7 yr Parts Warranty & 7 yr On-Site Parts Replacement Service: for complete peace of mind.
- Remote Diagnostics: Text & Email alerts on components, communication loss, or power failure.
- Cloud-based Software: for complete ease of access, ad control, & reporting of your advertising assets.

Common Sizes:
Our modular design allows for any custom size, but here are some common sizes.

Spectacular (20’ x 60’)
12mm (500 x 1520 matrix)
16mm (375 x 1140 matrix)
20mm (300 x 912 matrix)
24mm (250 x 760 matrix)

Bulletin (14’ x 48’)
12mm (360 x 1220 matrix)
16mm (270 x 915 matrix)
20mm (216 x 732 matrix)
24mm (180 x 610 matrix)

Jr. Bulletin (10’-6” x 36’)
12mm (260 x 920 matrix)
16mm (195 x 690 matrix)
20mm (156 x 552 matrix)
24mm (130 x 460 matrix)

Poster (11’ x22’)
12m (280 x 560 matrix)
16mm (210 x 420 matrix)
20mm (168 x 336 matrix)
24mm (140 x 280 matrix)

“In digital billboard applications, you cannot have downtime, because it simply means no
revenue. We strongly believe it is a requirement to eliminate the risk by ensuring redundancy.
It was our mission to design and engineer the redundant system solution to maximize
revenue for our billboard customers.”

- Yuusuke Arimura, Chief Operating Officer


Maximize Display Revenue, Large or Small, Day or Night.
SM Infinity™ Cloud-Based Billboard Software provides an easy to use 100% cloud-based solution giving you the
power to manage your entire network of billboards on your own terms, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Access All Features 24/7: 100% cloud-based system allows access to all features anytime, anywhere.
- Create and Modify all Schedules on Any Display.
- Upload, Modify, and Manage all Content Files.
- Verify Online Status, Remote Diagnostics (with Alerts), and Manage all Displays.

Flexible Schedules: Advertise YOUR way with our fully customizable playlist system.
- Create Playlists for Groups, Campaigns, Slots, Contracts...Anything!
- Play Single Ads from a Group, or Play Back-to-Back.
- Create Playlists for Multiple Displays and Display Groups at Once.

Flexible Reports: Get play reports and save the data anytime, anywhere.
- Easy Export to CSV, PDF, or Word.
- Customize and Save Data according to Your Unique Needs.

Custom Ad Creation: Graphic Designers standing by online.
- Request, Revise, and Approve Ad Content inside SM Infinity™.
- Provided by a Professional Outdoor Advertising Design Team.
- Custom Ad Content Options Increase Your Value to Advertisers.


Account Protection
All SM Infinity accounts are password protected immediately upon creation.

Session Control
SM Infinity employs session control to automatically lockout users who are inactive for a period of time.

Secure Encryption
SM Infinity user activity and logins are securely encrypted using HTTPS protocol.

Display Protection
An SM Infinity powered display is accessed only by our protected and secure SM Infinity servers.

Data Backup
The SM Infinity servers are backed up regularly to maximize up-time and the integrity of the system.

Cloud Access
24/7 management is a security benefit giving administrators the ability to manage the displays quickly and effectively.

"Not only are they offering a high-quality product at a guaranteed low price, but they also have a friendly staff that always seem willing to help and are confident in their product."
Nathan Hoeller, DFMWR Marketing and Advertising Creative Director


BeSeen Outdoor

Located in Richmond Hill, GA
144 x 448 . 10' x 30'


Located in New Haven, CT
152 x 424 . 12'-6" x 34'-10"

Cannery Casino

Located in Las Vegas, NV
216 x 416 . 14'-5" x 27'-7"

Fort Gordon

Located in Augusta, GA
112 x 272 . 7’-8” x 18’-2”

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  • With innovative features that set you apart
  • Manage All Assets, Get Remote Diagnostics, & Full Reporting.
  • Let our professional designers create custom ad content for you.
  • Peace of mind with our 7 yr Warranty & 7 yr On-Site Parts Replacement Service.
  • Cloud-based software that works for your entire staff anytime, anywhere, any device.

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